It is our ethos at the Inner Library, to pro-actively help motivate you to take control of your own health, and educate you about your own health requirements, so that you can continue your life without the need to see us again!

We at the Inner Library, work from a multi-therapy approach, as we have found that this methodology aids to faster recovery, as each discipline has its own area of speciality and some therapies are more suited than others, so working collectively allows for focusing in on the causal issues and not just treating the secondary ‘presenting’ symptoms of Dis-ease.

We look at how the build up of stress and Dis-ease from your life’s journey is affecting you, whether that is on a physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological or spiritual level. We then put together a tailored health package that allows you to Re-ease back into life.

Whatever is Dis-easing you, we will be able to help reduce your suffering, and in many cases we help your body Re-ease itself so that you’re presenting symptoms no long affect your life. The more severe your Dis-ease, the longer it will take to harmonise, and in all cases will involve a deep look at your diet, offering supplements, hormones etc. to bring your body’s chemistry into balance and offer exercise prescription.

For those customers who have a preferred preference, we offer a comprehensive range of individual alternative disciplines at competitive prices.

We are now offering Re-ease, as a long term Health programme, where you see one of us for a set number of multi-disciplined sessions every month for a minimum of one year.