Reiki / Seichem

A brief History.

The history of spiritual healing is peppered with controversy and changes in sentiment, and whilst it has been practised continuously since before recorded history, it is still considered by many a bone of contention, as it spans all world religions, where it is known by a variety of names; prayers, meditation, intersession, miracles, etc... In the earliest of times, it was attributed to the intercession of the Gods / Goddesses (or even working through their Prophets / Holy Representatives), Angels, Devic Beings, those who have departed (died), sometimes associated with sacrifices or donations. As humanity evolved spiritually and religions belief’s changed, so did the spiritual healing techniques. Sacrifices became outlawed, and financial donations grew, and then these too lessened and the asking for spiritual healing became selfless and too many purer. As time past there became set ways or traditions to follow and these vary considerably.

Today there are many recognised styles of healing: - Reiki, Siechem, National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Rainbow Bridge, Great White Brotherhood, Hands of Light, to name but a few. All of them work from the same fundamental principles although the practical applications vary.

How does Spiritual Healing Work?

This is a non invasive therapy where the practitioner holds their hands in your auric field and channels healing energy into you, focusing on any problems you might have. The energy they use comes from the Divine creator, channelled through their intermediates. Many practises teach that the practitioner should be a pure channel or vessel, and not have any thoughts of their own, allowing the energy to flow through them into the person being healed. Some practices actively communicate with the Divines’ intermediates (Known as Angels or Guides) to seek the cause of the illness, and to offer specific advise on how best to alter their lives for the healing to be complete. I work in this way, as I find it brings the best results.