It is our policy at the Inner Library, to make all our clients take charge of themselves by being self aware to their own bodies and health needs, by teaching them what they can do to maintain their health so that they will no longer need to see us.

There are two price structures:

  1. “Re-ease” - this is for those people who wish to actively take charge of their health and look at restoring their own well being;
  2. "Quick Fix" - for those who are looking for a "quick fix".


This is a 12 month Direct Debit Contract, where you will be seen and treated according to your current health needs using all 18 alternative therapies  currently available through Inner Library.

You, as the client, agree to have a minimum of 1 hour’s worth of treatment each month, for one year, with the option to have as many additional sessions as your current health needs require.

Every Re-Ease treatment, regardless of what it is, will be charged at the flat rate of £25** per hour.

The initial consultation is £50 and  takes around 2 hours.

** This excludes £5 for towels. If you bring your own this additional levy will not be issued.

Due to the reduced rate there are no concessionary prices with Re-ease.

Quick Fix Therapies

*You can save £5 on all these treatments, if you bring your own towels

Concessions are available for those over the 65’s on all prices in the Quick Fix Option. Concessions are also available for those under 18 on all prices in the Quick Fix Option except Pre & Post Natal Massage

Please contact us for details.