N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique)

Is a dedicated therapy for people who are willing to take responsibility for their own health. There are nine ways in which we can get an allergy:-

  • Inhalants: (What we breath in) i.e. Perfume, smells, pollens etc
  • Ingestants: (What we eat) i.e. Food, drink, Medication etc.
  • Contactants: (What we touch) i.e. cosmetics, plastics, metals
  • Injectants: (What pierces the skin) i.e. Vaccinations, insect bites,
  • Infectants: (What passes through the skin) i.e. scratch tests skin patches
  • Physical Agents: Cold, heat, dryness, dampness, humidity, radiation.
  • Genetic Factors: (What we got from our parents) i.e. asthma, diabetes,
  • Moulds ands Fungi: i.e. rising damp, out of date food.
  • Emotional: unresolved emotional trauma(s)


There are 15 basic steps each one further facilitating general health and well being. These steps are:-

  1. BBF (Brain & Body Balance Formula)
    Connects the energy of the brain and body together for ease of energy flow through the meridian system
  2. Egg Mix (Proteins)
    These are the most essential factors of bodily function, and basic energy conversion for living
  3. Calcium Mix
    Essential for bone and neuromuscular function
  4. Vitamin C Mix
    Needed for growth, development and repair of the body. It is also a natural collagen and antioxidant
  5. Vitamin B Complex
    Necessary for enzymatic / nerve function and in the production of red blood cells
  6. Sugar Mix
    Essential for absorption and assimilation of B complex vitamins
  7. Iron Mix
    Essential for oxygenating and strengthening the blood
  8. Vitamin A Mix
    Essential for healthy skin development
  9. Mineral Mix (Trace minerals)
    Essential for many functions of the body.
  10. Salt Mix
    Essential for everyday bodily functions
  11. Grain Mix
    An essential source of carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins and minerals
  12. Yeast Mix
    Essential for promoting healthy bacteria in the body
  13. Stomach Acid
    Essential for absorbing nutrients and Intrinsic Factor
  14. Stomach Base (Digestive enzymes)
    Essential for absorbing nutrients and vitamins
  15. Hormones
    Essential for growth, development and reproduction
You WILL notice the difference within your first four or five tentative steps to recovery. It is however recommended that once started you complete the basic stage. You can if you wish take this further with more advanced steps looking at emotional issues or deeper levels of the physical body.
At each stage in the treatment you are expected to avoid the allergen in all its form for the 25 - 48 hour adjusting period, failure to do so could affect the success of your treatment.

Please read below about Computerised Electro Dermal screening.