House of Light

The Aim

Is to create a small hospital type environment, where the latest advances in both allopathic and alternative medicine can come together to show that they both have a place in the 21st century. Very similar to the Centre for Biofield Studies in India.

It is proposed that every treatment will be given freely, (although donations will always be accepted), and that the souls who receive any form of therapy, will give back three fold in terms of their time and energy to the House of Light freely, even if that is just sitting there holding someone’s hand and giving comfort and support, or helping with the manual chores of cooking or cleaning.

It is proposed that every student is taught freely, through at least seven separate and complimentary alternative disciplines creating super therapists, who in return for this training will give freely in terms of time, three fold back to the House of Light, so that more souls can be healed.

It is hoped that this methodology will allow for the continued success of this venture.

The objective

Is to create an environment where allopathic and alternative disciplines can work harmoniously side by side, so that there can be research conducted to prove beyond doubt there is a place in this world for both.

We would gratefully appreciate any financial contributions you can make to help realise this concept onto the material plane, and we hope that you will be able to support this project, not by a one off donation but by a small monthly subscription.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to be considered as a candidate for training, then please get in contact at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

Nyelin and Catherine