Dietary Advice

Dietary advice, is not so much about treating any specific illness, it is about helping you understand how the food you eat, alters how your body works, thus helping to treat ever dis-ease.

The most important thing about diet is water, and how much you drink. When you consider 73% minimum of our physical body is water and that most chemical reactions in the body need water to work efficiently, (some 6 billion reactions a minute) it is vital that we have sufficient to function.

The easiest way to gauge your required daily intake is approximately one pint (½ litre) for every stone (6.5Kg) of weight.

To further complicate matters, when you are dehydrated (lacking water) your body tries to store as much as it can. This is known as water retention, and the simplest way to restore hydration balance is to drink more water, as the body then responds by not storing it. The most common places from access water storage are, the knees, and ankles, followed by the thighs and stomach.

Why do I have to drink so much, and does it have to be plain water?

Yes as your body needs this amount to flush your body of the toxins and by products of the food you eat and the lifestyle you live, as well as helping with bodily function, growth and development.  Would you clean your toilet with Coffee or Squash?

After looking at your water consumption, you would then look at the other areas of your diet, the amount of fats, oils, sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, roughage, fibre, salts vitamins, trace minerals etc., that you eat. We will help you understand the importance of a balanced diet and show you how this balance is achievable. There are a wide variety of foods available, so it does not have to be boring.