Crystal Therapy

A brief history

We know from archaeology that crystals have been used for hundred of thousands of years, although there is no references to what they symbolised to our forebears. Moldavite or other tektites, for example has been found carved, due to its softness, in various sites around the world, the best example of this are the tektites which came from the uppermost Trinil layers at Sangiran in Central Java, some 18 km north of Solo, dating back around 780,000 years at a time when humanity was known as Homo Erectus. (For more information on this visit

It is believed that these where collected directly from where they laid on the ground. Mining for crystals is much younger, apart from the old flint mines in Grimes Graves, Norfolk, UK, which are over 5,000 years old and are the only ones currently allowing visitors. Other old crystal mines can be found in North Wales where Malachite was mined in the early Bronze Age to make bronze tools, some researchers suggest this is the actual bases for Excalibur, the legendary green sword of King Arthur, because when a bronze dagger is taken from the cast it is a green colour, that is worn off in the sharpening process.  Looking further a field, in Swaziland at Bomvu Ridge in the Ngwenya mountain range an old Hematite mine was discovered in 1964 which has since been dated to approximately 43,200 years old. It was believed that these were used primarily as tools, but there could have ceremonial uses as well. The oldest known mine in the world for crystals to be used for ceremonies is found in Timna Isreal, which date back some 6,000 years, there is a rock carving where Pharoah Ramses III is seen presenting an offering to Hathor, goddess of mines and turquoise.

There are references to crystals which can be found in the bible In Exodus 28:17-21, where they describe the breast plate of the high priest, where 12 different gemstones are used to symbolise the twelve tribes of Israel.

We know that crystals have been used in ceremonies long before this and Beads carved of mammoth ivory were excavated from a grave in Sungir, Russia, dating back 25,000 years, and Baltic Amber amulets have been found that are over 30,000 years old, their exact usage is unclear, but as they formed part of grave offerings, it is speculated that they had guarding or guiding attributes associated with them, much as they have through recorded history.

How do Crystals actually work?

The physical body vibrates at approximately 495MHz when we are ill or dis-eased this vibration will alter either up or down (for more information about this look at Computerised Electro Dermal Screening).

Crystals all have a set vibration so if you get the right crystal you can bring about Vibrational harmony. Unlike conventional medicine; which you take internally and can feel the benefits within minutes, after which the body processes and flushes out of its various physical sub-systems where by you would then need to take another dose, crystals on the other hand, work in the auric field and are absorbed through it into the physical body to bring about permanent lasting change, this process is dependant on the size and purity of the crystal(s) used and usually with the not so pure and smaller crystals takes between 21 and 28 days, again this is dependant on the severity of the dis-ease being treated, where the more extreme the illness the longer the recovery takes as you will have to use a variety of crystals in sequence, to bring harmony to various aspects of the physical bodies sub-systems.

The treatment itself

This is a non invasive therapy which utilises the healing power of crystals. This therapy starts with you will having your primary and secondary chakras read with a crystal pendulum. highlighting some of the emotional stresses giving you an insight into how they are being generated and offering you counselling and advice as to how best to irradiate them from your life. If needed these misalignments will be corrected, or even activated if you have blocked chakras. The treatment will then read your meridians, which will give an even greater insight into the causal issues creating stresses; both intellectual and spiritual, correcting them if required.  Crystal Therapy finishes off with a sweep through your auric field, initially on an emotional level, again highlighting in even more specific detail, what thought forms, (or negative thinking patterns) you are following, and offers advice as to how best to combat these and if required will clear these energies from your auric field. Your auric field stores all your old thinking patterns, and emotional traumas pushing them further from the physical body as you get older, and unless these are cleansed, they could easily act as a conduit through illness could manifest.

The deeper aspects of this work do not usually begin until your third or forth crystal therapy session, as the more recent emotional or intellectual baggage often needs to be cleared first as they can cloud the reading, and the older the issue being looked at the more difficult it is to pinpoint exactly, as your auric field is very much like a tree in that it has concentric circles each one relating to a year of your life, when close to the body these rings are about 3 inches wide yet at the edge of your aura they are squeezed together and ten years are stored in 1 inch.