What can it treat?

Counselling can treat a very wide variety of dis-eases, because it give you the client an opportunity to discuss the current stress’s in your life, and see how these built from older childhood issues. By making you more aware of these deeper underlying causes, it can help you resolve, or come to terms with your current situation, and it can give you new coping strategies, where these problems become manageable and do not interfere with your life in the same way as before.

A brief History

The history of counselling really starts with the birth of psychology and the lifework of Sigmund Freud in Vienna in the late 1880’s. The distinction of Counselling, came about in 1926, in New York, when medically qualified psychotherapists, fought and won and made it illegal for non medically trained professionals, to practise analysis. It was largely in response to the US prejudice against lay therapists that Carl Rogers adopted the word ‘counseling’, originally used by social activist Frank Parsons in 1908. Despite these restrictions, he became a joint Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin as well as Head of the Psychotherapy Research Section of the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute.

There are now very distinct differences, between psychiatry, psychology and counseling, for more information about this visit