Ascensional Acclimatization

This the ultimate diagnostic combination therapy, which over 4 hours takes a good in-depth look all the aspects of your being, (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and has been designed to bring a greater level of harmony between them all. It allows you the client to better understand how you are creating tensions and stress within yourself and your lives. It gives you personalised instruction, in how to better deal and overcome these problems in a safe and understanding atmosphere, as the difference between a mountain and a mole hill is the perspective from which it is viewed. The vast majority of dis-ease(s) we carry in our bodies begins with an emotional catalyst, which permeates down through our aura before anchoring on a physical level. There are some genetic predispositions in our DNA or RNA that are activated through stress, tension or worry. Just because you carry these harmful markers doesn’t mean that it/they will manifest in your physical body, but if your life becomes stressed these could be the first things to go wrong. So why wait until they do?

Ascensional Acclimatisation starts off with 45 minutes of Yoga, which allows you to see how flexible your body is or isn’t. This is as gentle as you need it to be, there is no stress, the movements you go through will form a part of the exercise regime you will start at home to bring about great flexibility. Every time you do yoga you will have a different level of ability, you will be much more flexible on some days, this is because of many differing factors, such as how well you slept what physical activities you did the previous day, how emotionally charged you are etc.. Every person holds stress and tension in different places, due to the work they do and how they have lived their lives, as the body responds to the way we walk, sit, stand and move and this is unique to everyone.

The treatment then moves onto the Asyra, where in 45 minutes you have a full internal body scan, looking at all your dietary and nutritional needs, as well as monitoring how all the subsystems, such as hormones, digestive enzymes, or lymphatic’s. This will be a unique resonance snap shot of you right then, and you will be given advice as to how best to bring everything into balance.

It then goes onto 45 minutes of massage, which treats the areas of difficulty highlighted by the yoga. This initially starts by a soothing and gentle back massage removing the knots and tensions found there, moving onto specific areas such as calves, neck and shoulders, or the arms. This massage will utilise all the various styles and techniques and these will be tailored according to what your body needs at that time, which will be different in every single treatment.

The treatment finishes with a 45 minute session of crystal therapy, which will read what is going on in your chakras, highlighting some of the emotional stresses giving you an insight into how they are being generated and offering you Life Guidance and advice as to how best to irradiate them from your life. If needed these misalignments will be corrected, or even activated if you have blocked chakras. The treatment will then look at your meridians, which will give an even greater insight into the causal issues creating stresses; both intellectual and spiritual, correcting them if required. Ascensional Acclimatisation finishes off with a sweep through your auric field, initially on an emotional level, pin pointing in even more specific detail, what thought forms, (or negative thinking patterns) you are following, and offers advice as to how best to combat these and if required will clear these energies from your auric field.