About Us

We are a small family run business with many years experience in the field of alternative therapies, and our goal is to help educate people, so that they can help themselves and not need further treatments. Every treatment given offers you the client the full benefit of our multi disciplined approach, to maximise your healing process.

Personal Profile about Nyelin

He is a natural born psychic that has seen auras for as long as he could remember who has a passion for crystals. He went to Cambridge University Studying Civil Engineering, but has never used it, as his life Path took him in different directions as he wanted to understand his abilities. He has studied the world’s religions, both main stream and the esoteric traditions, following their practises and ceremonies, spending a year with each.

He become a Yoga teacher 1991, and through his hobby of weight training become a personnel trainer the next year, after damaging his back quite severely he learnt soft tissue manipulation and skeletal alignment techniques, so that he could further help his clients, it was at this point that he worked on members of the British Olympic Power Lifting Team. Meditation was a huge part of his life, and consequently he learnt how to master the; Chakras, Kundalini, Ingala, Pingala, and Sushumna Energy systems, developing them to harmonise his own subtle auric bodies, culminating in a forty day fast in 1993.

Soon after that he explored the meridian system and Acupressure, incorporating this knowledge in his therapies, where he continues to pioneer work mapping emotional thought forms in the auric field.

In 2003, when organising Mind, Body and Spirit fairs, to promote Alternative Therapies, he was alarmed and disappointed by the level to which some people had been taught, so he designed, tested, got accredited through Embody and now teaches probably the most comprehensive crystal therapy course currently available in the UK through Filton College, Bristol. He also teaches other therapies, courses and workshops, in England and Europe privately.

As his practise grew and he successfully treated ever more complex cases, he found that allergies kept cropping up, so in 2008 he learnt NAET, both basic and advanced, to help eliminate them. Finally in June 2009 he joined modern age and now uses the latest technology in Computerised Electro Dermal Screening namely the Asyra.